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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 19, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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>> how many times can george zimmerman get into trouble? today he was arrested at his girlfriend's home. first she called the police. >> he's at my housebreaking all my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. >> and then he did, too. >> i just want everyone to know the truth. >> since zimmerman was acquitted earlier this year of all charges with treyvon martin it has been one incident after another. his then wife filed for divorce to being pulled over multiple times for speeding. >> i stopped you for speeding. >> back in the headlines tonight, the mayor of the moment, toronto's rob ford who recently admitted to smoking crack. ford tried to rush somebody in the audience and knocked this woman over. then he was caught on camera taunting one of his colleagues and finally this threat.
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>> mark my words, friends. this is going to be outright war in the next election. >> check this out. washington d.c.'s smithsonian national zu debuted two baby tigers. they were given a swim test to make sure the cats could doggy paddle. they passed although they did seem to resent it. we should say there is a reason they threw the cats in the water to make sure they can swim if they fall in the water in their new enclosure. tune into gma first thing in the
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>> tracking the storm. happening now the first significant rain of the season is moving into the bay area tonight. hears a life look at the san francisco sky line. cloudy skies show us what is coming. good evening. >> sandhya is tracking that storm with life doppler 7 hd for us right now. sandhya. >> yes. some rain has already reached the ground in the north bay. let's check out live doppler 7hd radar tracking it. so far only/100ths inch in santa rosa and i take you closer here. ukiah 6 hundredths of an inch. clover dale, healdsburg zooming in closer light rain here hasn't made it very far past santa rosa. i do want to show you computer animation here and see is what coming here for your morning commute. start of rush hour includes wet roadways. it is going to be slow going. have your umbrella. back to let you know how much written to expect and how long you in he had to hang on to the rain goor. >> thanks very much. women.
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well of course we need the rape but we don't need dangerous commute so we need to be careful in the morning. first real rain make road slick from the oil buildup obviously. nick smith is live near the golden gate bridge tonight. nick here we go. >> here we go dan. highway patrol would like to see cars continuing to move along the freeway just like that without incident. but they say history is any indication, anything could happen. >> seems like after 52 few months forget what happens when it rains. >> california highway patrol officers says the rain means this heavily traveled stretch ofll be highway 101 will be particularly rough during tomorrow morning commute in sonoma county. >> bringing up a lot of oil and fluid from the roadway so it's going to be extra slick. give people heads up to give yourself some extra time. >> of particular concern areas of construction between santa rosa and marin county. workers and barrier give drivers very little room for error. >> you never know how that
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affects the way the water moves when it rains. >> that's why chp is asking the drivers slow down. >> as long as i'm prepared. usually okay with it. good jacket good shoes. >> not everyone cease the rain as bad thing. wet weather in san francisco means snow in the elevatioer elevation. >> great business. it brings people into the store. >> retailers selling cold wet weather gear say the rain can boost their profit. >> everything from new beanie. jacket. snow pants. boots. gloves. long johns. thermal. the we have everything. >> including umbrella. that marin county, 7 news. >> all right obviously with the rain coming now is a grit time to stay up to date on the conditions with the weather app down load to smart phone right now for free. no charge at al all. at 7 sl. slash app. >> we are getting the magnitude tonight of the magnitude of those severe storms across the midwest. more than 80
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tornadoes report entered 12 states. 6 people died in illinois two in michigan. officials declared sov counties disaster areas. in one of the hardest hit cities washington torngs illinois 500 homes damaged or destroyed. path of the storm the stretching for 3 miles. those who lost all they owned are still stunned tonight. >> just scared to death. i don't know whether i'm going to did. i just going to take it day by day. so thankful i have my boys. >>reporter: the mayor of the city of washington says the death toll could have been much worse but many families were at church and not one church was damaged. >> amazing. now to disaster on the other side of the world. relief supplies finally beginning to reach remote areas of the typhoon ravage area of philippines and further rationing of fuel today in areas affected by the typhoon. death toll from last week storm is now just under 4000 people.
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more than 4 million people have been displaced and they need food, shelter and water medley. now to that end, you can do something right now to help leave 80th that situation. had the line is open writ now if you want to help the victims of super typhoon. red cross volunteers take your call right now. what about 100,000 dollars raised just today alon alone. you can help us raise a lieutenant more money. call this number on the screen. st those phone lines will stay ophe next half hour the next har until 11:35 call now. >> horrific accident on 8 80 in oakland today claimed 2 lives one of them former raiders lean backer thomas howard he died after car went airborne killing another driver. allen spoke with neighbors and friends of both drivers. >>reporter: this is what is left of x-rayeder license backer howard car. >> witness say the bmw involved in the collision and caused it
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was traveling at speeds greater than 100 miles an hour. >>reporter: chs says howard sedan struck the back of truck on northbound 8 80 before 1:00 a.m. went airborne flying over the center median. it glanced off oncoming car and crashed into this honda crv killing the driver and howard. >> sort of at least travel 6 lanes plus the center median. >> avenues good man. we have bad news today in the morning. >>reporter: neighbors say 64-year-old man of hayward going home from work. >> anger you at all. >> yes it does. >>reporter: why. >> that he took someone else's life. innocent person life. >>reporter: chp says it hasn't ruled out the possibility of vehicle malfunction and still awaiting blood alcohol test. >> i talked to him last night around seven or eight he was going to out to comedy show with his girlfriend so that was the last i heard from him. >>reporter: howard friend formerng back running back joseph thinks howard had just drop his girlfriend off and was on his way home to alameda in his bmw 750. highway patrol
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says the bmw 700 is one of the highest rate east vehicle for safety feature but the chp says even with the seat belt on he went too fast for any safety feature to save him. in the east bay, abc 7 news. >> this just in. hazardous material crew called in after crash in concord. happened just before 9 when car pickup truck carrying pool chemical collided on john glen drive in free mop. in front of sam clu club. craws are cleaning it u up. 3 people were seriously injured including a child animal control took away a dog. highway patrol is investigating this as possible case of driving under the influence. >> new at 11:00 just hours ago the palo alto city council voted unanimously t camera that are worn by police officers. 9 officers test out camera similar to the one you are looking at here which are attached to the union form. they will be pray mayoral used by motorcycle officers. those
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camera are part of more than 300,000 dollar contracts to replace aging dash cam in the department patrol cars. >> developing news. hayward police lack for the person who gunned down a 17-year-old boy today. the witness heard several shots at centennialaften police arrived they found a teenager critically injured near baseball dime. he was rush to the hospital but died short time later. >> new details in story we first told you about on abc 7 news at 4:00. ship crew member died at the port of oakland this afternoon after falling from a crane. sky 7 hd over the steel industry facility where the fall happened. our media partner mercury news say he worked abore the cargo ship. man name not yet released. the accident is under investigation. >> some very anxious parents got reassuring words tonight from school officials in hayward after fifth grade student 10 year-old boy was caught walking hall holding a
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knife. happened this morning at hill view crest elementary school. police say the knife was taken from a faculty loung lounge. school officials met with parents tonight assuring them that the school is safe. one parent suffered a small cut when he knocked the knife out of the boy's hands. 10-year-old did not threaten anyone that was the fear of course. he reportedly said he was tired of being bullied. some parents want the school do more to stop bullying. >> recently there has been people like hitting people and stuff like that. >> l that boy is now under a psychiatric hold. police previously placed him under a psychiatric hold last year but why. not said why. >> police on the look out for pair of men who robbed house painters in oakland today. happened at 12:30 this afternoon on webster street. we were above as dmris their work. they say the 4 painters had just finished lunch. one was on a ladder. robbers approached one of them had a
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gun and demanded the wallet and phones. they got what they wanted but nobody hurt at least this was the first day the veteran painters had worked on that particular house. >> santa clara police are asking for your help in finding a mail thief. the woman seen intersurvillains video stole ave seen this. if you have sees woman you are asked to call santa clara police. >> well the count did you know to holiday has begun and with every passing day now if you are days to shop. >> michael is here with details on exactly when you should shop if you weren't to save money. >> black friday. you know about. that cybermonday and now thanksgiving thursday. thaevrment every retailer offering some sort de deal on certain day. so, i'll show you how to fine the deepest discount. >> and toronto mayor rob ford is at it again. what he did today to one of the fellow lawmakers. >> and puppy love. local mom whose pictures of nap type nuzzling
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. >> you have seen the horrible pictures of the terrible devastation in the philippines. now is your chance to help do something about that. the victims of typhoon need your help. red cross volunteers take your calls rate now. raising money all day long here at abc 7. call this number on the screen. if we have raised about 100,000 dollars but we'll stay open the next 20 minutes or so until 11:35 call now. >> toronto mayor became irate when the city council voted to strip him of his powers. take a look. >> about you just saw the mayor
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running today during that city council meeting and knocking over a councilwoman. ford ad has admitted to being drunk and smoking crack cocaine. he said he's finished with which will and he says he also plans to run for mayor again. >> oh, boy. >> well this hotel difficult shopping season already begun. catalog are arriving in the mail boxes and amazon is sending out gift suggestion. >> when is the best time to get the best deals. mechanical is hear now all week long with tip deals stealsshopping for this hy shopping. >> we have done an amazing amount of research. black friday is the day many will point the and there will be many deals on that day just not always the best deals. retailers off license and on are being forced to up their game. tamara is with the adobe leader in internet marketing and transaction and says retail
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remembers scrambling because 6 fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas. >> that could traps lit to as much as 1.5 bill theirs in lost sales for retailers on lean. so they are going to be really anxious to get you out the door and shopping on thanksgiving day. >>reporter: that the is why thanksgiving thursday is becoming the new black friday. mark is with dole news and says black friday is really more of a time period than an actual day. >> black friday is a friday after thanksgiving but black friday sales have been pretty much all week long. again we analyze black friday sales for october november december for 2011 2012 and average the deals. >>reporter: what they find are deals that are better before and after black friday. >> the best deals happen onthan? the sunday before.
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>>reporter: sales looking up. adobe predicting on line sales tiny crease by 25%. get this. often our on line shopping will take place when we are in a store. >> if you think back to theless time we had such a short season which was 2002 we had flip phones. we were on aol net escape browser very different world. today we have the bargain hunter weapon of choice. our mobile phone. >>reporter: so we'll be multi-tasking. lacking not just at prices but at availability. even sales people will use phones to help shoppers. >> also may get personalize deals sent directly to their phones while in the store so it is completely different than anything they have ever seen before. >>reporter: really honestly different. >> honestly different. >>reporter: so the real secret tohis ing the best deals this year is to know what you want before black friday week. sign up for e-mail alert. web site for sales and grab the deals as they pop up. now we have
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resources to help with you hotel difficult shopping go to our web site 7 and remember we are going to be here every night this the if season. >> hollywood classic a sequel. more than 6 decades after rae lease. wonderful life the rest of the story. focus on the grand son of george bailey similary stewart character of course. caroline grimes the daughter in the original will play an angel in the sequel. producers hope for 2015 reless. idea is getting mixed review however and we would like to know what you think bit. join the conversation on our facebook page abc 7 news. always a bit tricky to did a sequel to classic. >> santa cruz boy and puppy become internet sensation. >> photo video of the 2 of them napping together have captured the hearts of people really all over the world. >> lillian has the story from santa cruz. >> one-year-old beau and 9 week old theo napping together ever since the little puppy brought
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home from the spca two week ago. the mom says theo initiated the whole thing. she says the new pet is super cuddly and needs to be with someone at all times. >> theo walks over and just pops rate down on top of him as close as he can possibly get to him. it's really sweet. >> jessica captured image of their nap on the i-phone then posted them on her mommy blog and instagram. photo quickly went viral. jessica theo and beau sense featured on national media. international news organization will also picked up the story. >> i think part of the is attraction the that is drawing people to the photo is l the innocence that they both just eex you'd. up lifting and reassuring and everything that i think the world needs. >>reporter: photo capture it attention of literary agent as well. she's working with one and plan to release a book about theo and beau some time next winter. part of the proceeds will good to the spca.
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in santa cruz, 7 news. >> fv i like that. >> i love all of them. want to squeeze both of them. >> rain is coming. >> sandhya here now with live doppler 7 hd. sandhya. >> yes. we are watching the rain on live doppler 7hd so far it has been very light where it has fallen around santa rosa clover dale ukiah that's where our radar is up on mt. st. helens nachlt you can moisture around sea ranch fort ross bodega bay and started raining 35 minutes ago around santa rosa area. street level radar north south state street getting wet writ now. so this is where it is all starting. look at the golden gate bridge dry right now. not going to look like that for the morning commute. 54 in oakland. 51 san jose. temperatures rate now as we lack towards our emeryville camera clouds gathe gather. 50's mostly. 48 in
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novato. show you the forecast highlights over our sutro tower cam are looking at san francisco with clouds gatherin gathering. wet areas for the morning commute. rain going to spread south tomorrow and showers for your wednesday. wednesday may include some moderate pockets of shower activity. here's the system. yes it has a good tap of moisture but the written she to arrive. it will spread overnight tonight and as we head in your tuesday you will see the wet roadway so 5:00 a.m. to. we are looking at some wet roadways we'll be slow going make sure you have your umbrella by the door tonight if you haven't gone to bed yet. obviously. noon time lunch time step out need the rain gear. 5:00 p.m. for the evening rush how are you will see a few areas where there is no rain but there will still be some slick roadway. 5:00 a.m. wednesday still lacking at scattered showers and moderate pocket of activity 1:00 p.m. wednesday afternoon east bay south bay. wind down heading into wednesday night. need the rain. it's coming. here's what we expect. rainfall total up to inch and half in the
1:29 am
north bay mountains. south by mountains up to 3 quarters inch and you can see 2 to 4 tenths inland not a major rain maker here in the bay year but we need it we'll take it at this point. snow level in the sierra nevada. 6500 to 7500 feet. expecting up to 4 inches at the higher elevation. if going up make sure you carry the chains and you can check the road conditions before you leave. tomorrow morning you will need the rain gear so just because you are not getting the rain now you might get it later in the afternoon so make sure you have this before you leaf for work or at that time kid off to school. upper 40's to low 50's most areas starting out comfortable with the cloud cover in the afternoon we look upper 50's to low 60's with the rain spreading south into the south bay and eventually into the east bay. accu-weather 7 day forecast showers will continue wednesday. so commute time not looking good as far as the rain and then we good dryer milder right on through the weekend when you see more sunshine. >> all right thanks very muc th >> thanks to the your generosity we hit more than
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100,000 dollars in donation for the victims of super typhoon and still 15 minutes left for to you make your donation. number on your screen is legislatureed here. the thanks again for call in. generosity so appreciate abouttive the. >> keep it com
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you can't help but see the good. whole grains... the. >> welcome back. home dominating win over utah warriors off to best season start in 21 years. but there is a catch. another strange injury to curry. he led all with it was. 8 assist and grab
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6 board. third quarter behind the back to clay. 17 for tomorrow so that. 28 point lead. then in the fourth here it is. no ankle this time. marvin william 240 pound frame left on his head. dazed and confused. after word got the bell rung. team moptor him for concussion symptoms to see if he can go wed at home against memphis. improve to 8 and 3. opponents in the super bowl brooks now call lieu is a teammate for at least a cash machine the fumble and turn overbrooks called for hit to the head. personal foul. game changing play on espn monday night football show. the take. >> this is the most embarrassing call in the national football league since the this with pwred f.they find this kid if they go on record
1:34 am
and fine him they fine this kid i'll do something personally. i'll pay half rjts half. whatever he's fined. >> hold on. so generous. monday night football panthers beat the niners last week for sift straight within. 6 in a row after beating patriots. former niner him if gives carolina lead. plenty of time for pwred to march down field. financial play. panthers 18. picked off by robert lester but the referee threw a flag. pass pa inference perhaps. confer picture up and pwred was livid after this one. game overr 2 24-20 both teams now 7 and 3. the sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> tha
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♪ ho ho ho rainy areas morning commute comfortable tempts have umbrella. mike tracking live dife live doppler 7hd rain to to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks so much. >> keep an eye on the commute conditions tomorrow morning. join us for the 7 news morning news beginning at 4:30 am. >> tonight on "jimmy kimmel live", stay tawn for thavlt that's our report. >> give a big thank to you everyone who donateed to help the victims of super typhoon in the philippines. we raised more than 100,000 dollars. >> fabulous thanks so much. phone lines closed but we prisht next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. appreciate your time. >> good
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